Pegahe Aftab's POWER Plant ERP

The only power plant ERP in Iran

Pegahe Aftab's Power Plant ERP is the only resource management system for power plants in Iran. This software suite is currently used in over 30 power plants in 18 provinces of Iran. Our software has 20 specialized modules and covers more than 160 power plant industry processes. Areas of management, exploitation, engineering, maintenance and repair, administrative, human resources, finance and support.

Integration and innovation in power plant management

  • Covering the needs of all power plant areas with 30 specialized modules

  • Covering over 160 power plants process and equipped with a business process management system

  • The integrity of the organization's activities by creating interoperability between all modules

  • The only Power Plant ERP with 18 years of continuous operation in more than 18 provinces and 30 power plants

  • Monitoring the status of the organization, continuous improvement and reengineering processes with the agileBPMS module

  • Management and control of the organization by applying business rules and intelligent reports

Experience of all-round coordination in the Electric power industry

Administrative Management
Human Resources Management
Accounting and Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Assets Managements

Power plant ERP History

  • Aug 2017
  • Development of a new generation of data collection module (logsheet) under the Android platform

    Begin the path of ERP development of power plants under smartphones operating systems
  • May 2017
  • Deployment of 9 modules in Isin power plant

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  • Apr 2017
  • Implementation in Behbahan Poer Plant

    Maintenance management, logsheets and appBuilder modules
  • Mar 2017
  • Development of new ERP power plant infrastructure

    Development of new power plant ERP and BPMS infrastructure of Pegah Aftab called agileBPMS, which was developed in collaboration with a German-Spanish team
  • Oct 2016
  • Establishment of ERP power plant product committee

    Holding the first election of the power plant ERP product committee in Besat power plant with the presence of representatives of Iranian power plants
  • Jul 2016
  • Implementation in Amirabad and Nowshahr power plants

    Utilization of maintenance management software in Amirabad and Nowshahr power plants from power plants managed by Mahtab Caspian Company
  • Jul 2015
  • ERP power plant in West Azerbaijan Power Generation Management Company

    Maintenance management, logsheets, ‌appBuilder, warehouse and warehouse accounting, logistics, document management and correspondence management, electricity training and sales management modules
  • Jan 2015
  • Receipt of certification for ERP power plant by the Supreme Informatics Council of Iran

    Obtaining technical approval and product registration for power plant ERP as the first and only power plant ERP in Iran from the Supreme Informatics Council of Iran
  • Jun 2011
  • Implementation of 17 ERP‌ modules in Neka power plant

    Comprehensive administrative, financial and technical systems in Neka Power Generation Management Company. In less than two years, all the software was up and running
  • Mar 2011
  • Implementation of integrated Pegah Aftab ERP system in Montazer Ghaem power plant

    With the start of deployment of 15 power plant ERP modules
  • Nov 2010
  • Maintenance management and AppBuilder Systems in Ramin Ahvaz power plant

    In September 2014, three modules "Warehouse and warehouse accounting", "Procurement, orders and contracts" and "assets management" were put into operation in this power plant.
  • Feb 2010
  • Beginning of digitization project in Persian Gulf Power Generation Management Company

    During 7 years from 2009 to 2016, five power plant ERP modules were put into operation in the Persian Gulf power plant.
  • Nov 2009
  • Commencement of operation in 4 power plants under the management of power production in southern Fars

    Implementation of maintenance module in four power plants of Kazerun, Jahrom, Kangan and BushehrImplementation of maintenance module in four power plants of Kazerun, Jahrom, Kangan and Bushehr
  • Nov 2009
  • Implementation of the comprehensive Pegahe Aftab power plant system in Bethat power plant

    This project was the biggest experience of Pegah Aftab in terms of the number of modules and mechanized processes and was an important step towards achieving ERP in the power plant.
  • Dec 2008
  • Start of deployment in 4 power plants in East Azerbaijan province

    Deployment began with accounting and financial management modules; Over time, more ERP modules were put into operation in four power plants of Tabriz, Sahand, Sufian and Sabalan.
  • Aug 2007
  • Start of ERP implementation in Shazand power plant

    In total, 15 power plant ERP‌ modules are used in Shazand power plant to date.
  • Oct 2006
  • Starting the ERP implementation project in Qom power plant

    Utilizing the first versions of Warehouse, Warehouse Accounting, Procurement, Orders, Contracts, Collection and Accounting of Property, Salary, Rewards, Attendance and Absence modules
  • May 2003
  • Development of the first version of accounting software

    Development of the first version of accounting software equipped with workflow management infrastructure. This software was installed in Qom power plant and put into operation.
  • Nov 2002
  • Development of the first version of office automation software equipped with workflow management infrastructure

    In addition to the Qom power plant, this software was used in large public and governmental organizations at the national level.
  • May 2001
  • Development of the first version of maintenance software (Permit)

    This software was implemented for the first time in Qom power plant and was put into operation within a few months. By the end of 2001, this software was installed in Shazand, Yazd and Tabriz power plants.  
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